besser block sizes australia

Besser Block Retaining Wall [Explained]

Australia boasts a silent yet formidable protagonist in the vast panorama of architectural wonders. Pervasive in local construction, these blocks hold buildings together and the rich legacy of Australian architectural excellence. The Evolution of a Construction Marvel While the iconic block has its roots in the innovative designs of the Besser Company, its presence today …

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structural engineering in australia

How to Become a Structural Engineer

In the modern world, the skyline of any metropolis stands as a testament to the marvels of engineering. At the heart of these skyscrapers, bridges, and infrastructures lies the genius of structural engineers. If you’ve ever marveled at the Sydney Opera House or the engineering prowess of the Story Bridge in Brisbane, you’ve indirectly appreciated …

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raft foundation

What is a Raft Slab

The strength and type of foundations determine how stable a structure is by providing support. Typically, foundational support systems can do this by shifting the weight of the building to the soil or rocks underneath which have the capacity to bear that load. Bearing that load helps make the building ready to have any sort …

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