what can i build without council approval qld

What Can I Build Without Council Approval QLD

Good day, everyone! So, You can’t wait to get started on a project in Your backyard, but you’re not sure about what can i build without council approval qld? Well, grab a cold one and let’s have a yarn about what you can get away with without needing to hassle the council.

We’re diving into what you can build without their nod in good ol’ Queensland.

Sheds and Garden Structures

First up, let’s talk sheds, mate. If you’re dreaming of a little shed to store your tools or pottering around in the garden, you’re in luck. In Queensland, you can put up a shed without council approval as long as it’s under 10 square metres in size. But remember, it can’t be taller than 2.4 meters, and keep it in your backyard, not the front yard.

Decks and Patios

Now, let’s chat about decking, mate. You can whip up a deck or a patio without council approval, but there’s a catch. If it’s unroofed, it can’t be more than one metre high. But if you’re thinking of adding a roof, it’s best to check in with the council first. Safety first, right?do you need council approval for a deck


Ah, pergolas – the perfect spot for a barbie or chilling out with mates. You can build an unroofed pergola without council approval, as long as it’s under 2.4 metres high and doesn’t cover more than 10 square metres. Just keep it for ornamental or horticultural use, not throwing massive parties!

Fences and Gates

Ah, the classic Aussie fence! You can build a fence or a gate without jumping through the council’s hoops, as long as it’s under two metres high. Just make sure you’re not blocking any footpaths or driveways, and keep it safe and sound.

Retaining Walls

Need to level out your backyard with a retaining wall? You’re all good to go without council approval as long as it’s under one metre high. Just make sure it’s not on a boundary or blocking any drainage, and you’re golden.

Solar Panels

Looking to go green with solar power? You’re in luck – you can install solar panels without needing the council’s approval. Just make sure they’re installed by a licensed professional and meet all the safety standards.

Minor Renovations

Thinking of sprucing up your place with a lick of paint or some minor repairs? No worries, mate – you can tackle those without needing the council’s blessing. But if you’re making major changes like knocking down walls or changing the layout, it’s best to double-check with the council first.

Rainwater Tanks

Want to do your bit for the environment with a rainwater tank? You can install one without council approval, as long as it’s under 10,000 litres and not in the front yard. Just make sure it’s not causing any issues with your neighbours or blocking any views.

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Building in QLD: No Council Approval Needed

In Queensland, there are a few things you can build without needing council approval. However, it’s crucial to be cautious and double-check before starting any project, as specific regulations and limitations apply. To get more information, read here.

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Accepted Development (Self-Assessable)

The list covers self-assessed minor buildings within size and location limits.

  • Small tool shed: Up to 10m² (excluding tropical cyclone areas)
  • Stable or similar: Up to 10m²
  • Retaining wall: Up to 1m high (not supporting buildings or driveways)
  • Fence or screen: Up to 2m high (except swimming pool fencing)

Category for work exempt from permits & building standards requirements.

  • Minor attachments to buildings (sunhoods under 2m²)
  • Tents with floor area under 100m²
  • Playground equipment under 3m highwhat can i build without council approval qld

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need Council Approval for Internal Renovations in QLD?

First off, let’s talk about sprucing up the inside of your crib. If you’re planning on giving your walls a fresh coat of paint, upgrading your kitchen, or jazzing up your bathroom, you’re in luck! Internal renovations like these usually don’t need any council approval. So, go ahead and let your creative juices flow inside your home without worrying about those pesky permits.

Do I Need Council Approval for a Concrete Slab QLD?

Now, let’s chat about laying down some solid groundwork. If you’re looking to pour a concrete slab for a shed, garage, or even a patio, you’re good to go without council approval as long as it’s not for a permanent building. Just make sure to stick to the rules about size and location, and you’ll be laying the foundation for your DIY dreams in no time!

Do You Need Council Approval for a Shed in QLD?

Ah, the humble shed – every Aussie’s favorite DIY project! Luckily, if your shed is under a certain size and not in a sensitive area, you won’t need council approval to put it up. Just keep it below a certain height and away from boundary lines, and you’ll have the perfect spot to store your tools and tinker away on your projects.

Do You Need Council Approval for a Portable Building?

Thinking of setting up a portable building on your property? Whether it’s for a home office, a granny flat, or a studio space, you might need to check in with the council first. Portable buildings can sometimes fly under the radar, so it’s best to double-check the rules to avoid any surprises down the track.

Do You Need Council Approval for a Deck?

Ah, the Aussie classic – the backyard deck! If you’re planning on adding a deck to your home, you’ll likely need to get council approval. The rules can vary depending on factors like size, height, and location, so it’s worth doing your homework before you start hammering away. But don’t worry, with the right permits in hand, you’ll be hosting barbies and soaking up the sun on your brand-new deck in no time!

Do You Need Council Approval for a Fence?

Fencing in your property to keep out the riff-raff? In most cases, you won’t need council approval for a standard residential fence. Just make sure it’s within the height limits, set back from boundary lines, and not blocking any essential views. So, go ahead and build that fence to mark your territory without needing to navigate the council red tape.

Do I Need Council Approval for a Concrete Driveway?

Last but not least, let’s talk about driveways. Planning on pouring some concrete to create a swanky new driveway? As long as it’s for private use and doesn’t encroach on any public land, you shouldn’t need council approval. Just make sure it’s well-built and won’t cause any drainage issues, and you’ll be cruising in and out of your pad with ease.

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